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Re: Time Manipulation In Query
Posted by: newbie Shai
Date: November 24, 2011 12:11PM

Dear Rick,

1)Yes for now I am using smaller int later I will have to move to larger int. So those running terabytes of data what do they use as their id? Do you think I should make now itself as big int?

2)The geofenceType I will apply Enum as the values are limited though.

3) Which is the data and index size and how do you compare it against buffer_pool_size.I dont see it part of the show table status? So do you do a cummulative calculations is it?
Any thumb of rule for no_of_rows for per table?
Data_free any rule of thumb for it? What is this data_free represents?
Data_length is total memory space used right?
Avg_row_length- most of the fields I read together escpecially the geoFenceName, but the description I rarely use it. The field geoFenceString I set as text is that ok or that is a main cause of the avg_row_length to be big?

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