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Get AVG, COUNT & SUM from multiple groups
Date: September 29, 2022 11:08AM

Below is a sql statement with 4 GROUP BY fields.
In the field list is an AVG, COUNT & SUM.

The statement below only returns AVG, COUNT & SUM from the last group (SurveyID).

What I need is the AVG, COUNT & SUM for each of the 4 groups.
What is the most efficient way I can do that???

SELECT TblTier1.Entry AS Tier1Field, TblTier1.RecordID AS Tier1IDField, 
MAX(TRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(TRIM(TblTier2.Name), ''), ' ', IFNULL(TRIM(TblTier2.SubName), ''), ': ', IFNULL(TRIM(TblTier2.City), ''), ', ', IFNULL(TRIM(TblTier2.State), '')))) AS Tier2Field, 
TblTier2.RecordID AS Tier2IDField, TRIM(CONCAT(TRIM(TblTier3.Name), ' ', IFNULL(TRIM(TblTier3.SubName), ''))) AS Tier3Field, 
TblTier3.RecordID AS Tier3IDField, 
surveys.RecordID AS SurveyID, IFNULL(CONCAT('Survey Started: ', DATE_FORMAT(surveys.DateStarted, '%m/%d/%Y')), 'No Survey Date') AS DateStarted, 
CONCAT(TRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(TRIM(TblSurveyor.Name), 'Anonymous'), ' ', IFNULL(TRIM(TblSurveyor.MidInit), ''))), ' ', IFNULL(TRIM(TblSurveyor.SubName), '')) AS Surveyor, 
ROUND(AVG(answers.Score), 2) AS Avg, COUNT(answers.RecordID) AS Cnt, ROUND(SUM(answers.Score), 2) AS Sum 

FROM answers 
	LEFT JOIN (attrib_division_rl INNER JOIN division AS TblTier1 ON attrib_division_rl.FieldID = TblTier1.RecordID) 
		ON answers.AttributionID = attrib_division_rl.AttributionID 
	LEFT JOIN (attrib_organization_rl INNER JOIN organization AS TblTier2 ON attrib_organization_rl.FieldID = TblTier2.RecordID AND TblTier2.Affiliation = 1) 
		ON answers.AttributionID = attrib_organization_rl.AttributionID 
	INNER JOIN (attrib_person_rl INNER JOIN person AS TblTier3 ON attrib_person_rl.FieldID = TblTier3.RecordID AND TblTier3.lnk_job_title = 2) 
		ON answers.AttributionID = attrib_person_rl.AttributionID 
	INNER JOIN (surveys LEFT JOIN person AS TblSurveyor ON surveys.SurveyorID = TblSurveyor.RecordID) 
	ON answers.SurveyID = surveys.RecordID 
WHERE surveys.RecordID > 1 AND answers.Score > 0 AND answers.ScaleID = 4 

GROUP BY Tier1IDField, Tier2IDField, Tier3IDField, SurveyID 
ORDER BY Tier1Field, Tier1IDField, Tier2Field, Tier2IDField, Tier3Field, Tier3IDField, SurveyID, DateStarted

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Get AVG, COUNT & SUM from multiple groups
September 29, 2022 11:08AM

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