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Inquiry about a query captured by a profiler
Posted by: Bilal Nadeem
Date: December 11, 2023 12:14AM

Our ETL tool is fetching a list of databases from MySQL 8 and is running into the error "The given key was not present in the dictionary". We captured the query that was being sent to MySQL8 through a profiler and this is what we got:

2023-12-04T19:25:51.619000Z 94 Connect
on reporting using SSL/TLS

2023-12-04T19:25:51.682719Z 94 Query SELECT @@max_allowed_packet, @@character_set_client,

@@character_set_connection, @@license, @@sql_mode, @@lower_case_table_names

2023-12-04T19:25:51.738477Z 94 Query SELECT TIMEDIFF(NOW(), UTC_TIMESTAMP())

2023-12-04T19:25:51.774150Z 94 Query SHOW COLLATION

2023-12-04T19:25:51.848495Z 94 Query SET character_set_results=NULL

2023-12-04T19:25:51.892806Z 94 Init DB reporting

2023-12-04T19:25:51.943498Z 94 Query set character_set_results=utf8mb4;

2023-12-04T19:25:51.943668Z 94 Query set net_write_timeout=99999;

2023-12-04T19:25:51.943741Z 94 Query set net_read_timeout=99999

2023-12-04T19:25:51.979399Z 94 Query SET @@sql_mode=CONCAT_WS(',', @@sql_mode, 'NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES')

2023-12-04T19:25:52.012761Z 94 Query SHOW WARNINGS

2023-12-04T19:26:02.712910Z 95 Connect
on using SSL/TLS

2023-12-04T19:26:02.745146Z 95 Query SELECT @@max_allowed_packet, @@character_set_client,

@@character_set_connection, @@license, @@sql_mode, @@lower_case_table_names

2023-12-04T19:26:02.777426Z 95 Query SELECT TIMEDIFF(NOW(), UTC_TIMESTAMP())

2023-12-04T19:26:02.809659Z 95 Query SHOW COLLATION

2023-12-04T19:26:02.876315Z 95 Query SET character_set_results=NULL

2023-12-04T19:26:02.909245Z 95 Query set character_set_results=utf8mb4;

2023-12-04T19:26:02.909423Z 95 Query set net_write_timeout=99999;

2023-12-04T19:26:02.909500Z 95 Query set net_read_timeout=99999

2023-12-04T19:26:02.942700Z 95 Query SET @@sql_mode=CONCAT_WS(',', @@sql_mode, 'NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES')

2023-12-04T19:26:02.974822Z 95 Query SHOW WARNINGS

2023-12-04T19:26:03.013507Z 95 Query SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SCHEMATA

2023-12-04T19:26:19.959487Z 95 Quit

2023-12-04T19:26:20.196881Z 96 Connect
on using SSL/TLS

2023-12-04T19:26:20.229017Z 96 Query SELECT @@max_allowed_packet, @@character_set_client,

@@character_set_connection, @@license, @@sql_mode, @@lower_case_table_names

2023-12-04T19:26:20.261334Z 96 Query SELECT TIMEDIFF(NOW(), UTC_TIMESTAMP())

2023-12-04T19:26:20.293637Z 96 Query SHOW COLLATION

2023-12-04T19:26:20.360237Z 96 Query SET character_set_results=NULL

2023-12-04T19:26:20.392914Z 96 Query set character_set_results=utf8mb4;

2023-12-04T19:26:20.393078Z 96 Query set net_write_timeout=99999;

2023-12-04T19:26:20.393129Z 96 Query set net_read_timeout=99999

2023-12-04T19:26:20.426279Z 96 Query SET @@sql_mode=CONCAT_WS(',', @@sql_mode, 'NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES')

2023-12-04T19:26:20.458338Z 96 Query SHOW WARNINGS

2023-12-04T19:26:20.490495Z 96 Query SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SCHEMATA

Can anyone please tell me if there is anything out of place in this query or as to why we could be getting the error message?

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Inquiry about a query captured by a profiler
December 11, 2023 12:14AM

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