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evaluating table locking
Posted by: Evgeny Anisiforov ()
Date: May 19, 2008 10:32AM

I have a database using myisam as storage engine. The database is beeing using to make a lot of selects(with joins), but there are also a lot of update-statements beeing executed. I would say that updates are at least 25% of all statements.

updates change in the most cases only one line using primary key id.
selects are randomly sorted (sort by rand()), choose 5 of about 1000-2000 lines
(limit 5).

the server has often a load of 4.0-5.0 (linix top command) on two-core cpu.
at the moment the performance is acceptable, but i did have performance problems on a smaller server, and i think i would get them again, if my website will continue to grow.

today i've read about myisam and figured out, that myisam locks the whole table, when executing a statement.

so my question is:
would it be usefull to change to InnoDB? I don't need transactions, but its because of the row level locking.

Is there a way to get some statistics about how much the locking influences the performance. i tried SHOW PROCESSLIST and see that some queries are beeeing locked, but can not figure out, how much performance it really costs.

someone an idea?

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