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Re: Storage capacity - catalog of limits
Posted by: Rick James ()
Date: August 30, 2008 02:26PM

Here are some limits:
* 16TB of data for InnoDB table (maybe more).
* _Default_ limit of 4G bytes or rows in MyISAM table -- See CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE for increasing that limit.
* MyISAM hard limit is perhaps 2**56 bytes -- you won't hit that in my lifetime.
* key_buffer_size (cache for MyISAM indexes) -- hard limit of 4GB (even on 64-bit machines), but you can have more than one.
* innodb_buffer_pool_size -- more than 4GB, suspect at least 8TB.
* 32-bit OS limits -- depends on OS -- ram-related things are limited to somewhere between 1.6GB and 3GB.
* Number of rows -- might be 4G limit if compiled for 32-bit.
* Various stats -- silently wrap at 4G if compiled for 32-bit.
* File sizes -- mostly OS limit, which (today) tends to be plenty huge.
* Query Cache -- don't know; probably not efficient to come anywhere near 4GB.
* Number of databases/tables/files -- no hard limit, but millions will cause trouble.
* Number of connections open at once (cf Max_connections) -- OS will stop you from opening more than RAM can handle (hundreds, maybe thousands).
* One column of table -- 4GB (LONGTEXT, LONGBLOB)
* InnoDB row size -- 8K? (*TEXT and *BLOB count for only 768 bytes until InnoDB "plugin")
* Index size -- 1000?
* VARCHAR/VARBINARY -- used to be 255, now 65535 bytes(?)
* Number of views, stored procedures, etc -- ?
* Length of db/table/view/sp/column names
* Columns per table: 4K; possibly fewer if their names are lengthy.
* Columns per table (InnoDB): 1000.
* Index prefix: MyISAM: 1000, InnoDB: 767
* GRANTs: Unlimited except by MyISAM table limits?
* JOINs, including implicit ones in Views: 61
* Integer (BIGINT): 0-2**64 (UNSIGNED) or +/- 2**63 (SIGNED)

Today, if you have a big db, I recommend using 64-bit OS and compiling MySQL for 64-bit.

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