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Posted by: Kin JOY ()
Date: April 10, 2012 06:04AM

Rick James Wrote:
> > About the innodb_lock_wait_timeout, I had no
> choice and put this value in order to prevent the
> developper's transaction from restarting...
> No. You have to beat on the developers to write
> transactions that don't last so long!
> An InnoDB transaction should not last more than a
> couple of seconds. If it does, they need to
> design there own "locks". If they need tips on
> how to do this, get them to respond to this
> thread.
> What language are they using? What are they doing
> that needs such a long lock?
> Example (job processing):
> 1. "acquire" an item:
> SELECT id ... WHERE who_owns IS NULL AND ... FOR
> UPDATE -- lock for an item to work on
> UPDATE ... SET who_owns = 'me', acquisition_time =
> NOW(), ... WHERE id = ...;
> test -- if the UPDATE fails, then someone else
> grabbed it, so ROLLBACK, and do not continue.
> 2. Work with that "item" for a long time
> 3. "release" the item:
> UPDATE ... SET who_owns = NULL, completion_time =
> NOW(), ... WHERE id = ...
> Another job should probably test this table
> periodically, looking for orphaned items. That
> is, items that were acquired hours ago, but not
> yet released. `who_owns` tells you who is 'out to
> lunch'.

It's exactly what I have done, I proved where was the problem, what caused the lock. I told them that we have two solutions to improve the current situation:

- They have to stop doing the same multiple queries, improve them and more importantly keep transactions short.
- Or, set the isolation level at ReadCommited with the drawbacks that come with it.

Anyway, thanks for your help, it's a tricky question. I even searched on MySQLperformanceblog and Baron Shwartz, Peter Zaitsev's book, they don't have my answer...



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