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Re: taking long time to ALTER the table
Posted by: Ra Nala
Date: April 13, 2016 03:08AM

Thanks for info, below is SHOW CREATE TABLE and the ALTER statement

ALTER TABLE p_lang_01 ADD COLUMN dy_ie_name varchar(250) NULL

TABLE NAME: fogmist_admin.p_lang_01

-------------------------- --------- ----------- -------------- ---------- -------- ------------ --------
ps_key bigint 20 NO
ps_id bigint 20 NO
prod_srl_no varchar 200 YES
b_date datetime YES
ship_date datetime YES
invoice_date datetime YES
invoice_no varchar 100 YES
tenant_id bigint 20 YES
model_id bigint 20 YES
model varchar 50 YES
brand_name varchar 250 YES
prod_name varchar 250 YES
sb_id bigint 20 YES
sb_code varchar 50 YES
sb_type_code varchar 50 YES
sb_name varchar 250 YES
ib_code varchar 50 YES
ib_type_code varchar 50 YES
ib_name varchar 250 YES
prod_rid bigint 20 YES
status_code varchar 50 YES
rtype varchar 50 YES
cdelivery_date datetime YES
rdate datetime YES
rreference varchar 100 YES
rsource varchar 100 YES
rindustry varchar 50 YES
rapplication varchar 50 YES
invoice_customer_reference varchar 100 YES
rinvoice_no varchar 100 YES
sales_person varchar 255 YES
cb_code varchar 50 YES
cb_type_code varchar 50 YES
cb_name varchar 250 YES
caddress_1 varchar 100 YES
caddress_2 varchar 100 YES
caddress_3 varchar 100 YES
ccity varchar 50 YES
cemail varchar 100 YES
czip varchar 20 YES
cmobile_value varchar 50 YES
cmobile_ext varchar 10 YES
cwork_value varchar 50 YES
cwork_ext varchar 10 YES
cfax_value varchar 50 YES
cfax_ext varchar 10 YES
rb_code varchar 50 YES
rb_type_code varchar 50 YES
rb_name varchar 250 YES
rb_address_1 varchar 100 YES
rb_address_2 varchar 100 YES
rb_address_3 varchar 100 YES
rb_city varchar 50 YES
rb_email varchar 100 YES
rb_zip varchar 20 YES
rb_mobile_value varchar 50 YES
rb_mobile_ext varchar 10 YES
rb_work_value varchar 50 YES
rb_work_ext varchar 10 YES
rb_fax_value varchar 50 YES
rb_fax_ext varchar 10 YES
purchase_price double YES
purchase_date datetime YES
ct_01 varchar 50 YES
cn_01 varchar 250 YES
start_date_01 datetime YES
end_date_01 datetime YES
ct_02 varchar 50 YES
cn_02 varchar 250 YES
start_date_02 datetime YES
end_date_02 datetime YES
end_of_life datetime YES
end_of_srvc datetime YES
end_of_wrrnty_period datetime YES
std_wrrnty_period int 11 YES
prod_extn_id bigint 20 YES
is_serilized char 1 YES
prod_code varchar 100 YES
prod_type varchar 50 YES
cid bigint 20 YES
sub_cid bigint 20 YES
locale_id int 11 YES
sb_reference varchar 100 YES
sb_region varchar 50 YES
ib_reference varchar 100 YES
ib_region varchar 50 YES
brand_id bigint 20 YES
brand_code varchar 50 YES
prod_srl_extn_id bigint 20 YES
ccode varchar 100 YES
cname varchar 250 YES
sub_ccode varchar 100 YES
sub_cname varchar 250 YES
prod_description varchar 500 YES
rprod_srl_no varchar 200 YES
rmodel varchar 50 YES
parent_ib_code varchar 50 YES
dbid bigint 20 YES
dbcode varchar 50 YES
dbname varchar 250 YES
pdb_code varchar 50 YES
pdb_name varchar 250 YES
parent_sb_code varchar 50 YES
parent_sb_name varchar 250 YES
addl_info varchar 500 YES
created_date datetime YES
updated_date datetime YES
od_created_date datetime YES
od_updated_date datetime YES
dy_ct varchar 50 YES
dy_cn varchar 250 YES
dy_start_date datetime YES
dy_end_date datetime YES

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April 07, 2016 07:47AM
Re: taking long time to ALTER the table
April 13, 2016 03:08AM

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