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Strange supremum gap-lock behaviour leading to deadlocks
Posted by: Elia Martell
Date: August 05, 2016 02:43PM


I recently discovered a deadlock problem in my application and went to investigate it. I managed to discover the cause and fix the code, but still this behaviour seems quite strange to me. So I ask if anyone else finds this strange and what are possible solutions to this.

Default REPEATABLE READ transaction isolation level is in effect.
A quick example:
> create table zu (a int primary key);

t1 > begin;
t1 > update zu set a = 0 where a = 5;

t2 > begin;
t2 > update zu set a = 0 where a = 7;

t1 > insert into zu values (5);

t2 > insert into zu values (6);
ERROR 1213 (40001): Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction

What I think is happening:
1) t1 update scanned an empty index and set a next-key gap-lock on supremum record
2) t2 update did exactly the same
3) t1 insert tried to acquire an exclusive insert intention lock on the new value would-be position in the index
4) the lock was unavailable because of the gap-lock held by t2
5) t1 blocked on t2
6) t2 insert in the same way deadlocked on t1
Am I right in this interpretation?

Same example with READ COMMITED is going just fine. But this REPEATABLE READ strategy doesn't make any sense in this example, there're no selects.

I get the same deadlock with SELECT a FROM zu WHERE a = 5 FOR UPDATE, and again if values are different in transactions then reads would not get any phantom rows.

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Strange supremum gap-lock behaviour leading to deadlocks
August 05, 2016 02:43PM

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