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optimizing/indexing date column
Posted by: Chris T ()
Date: November 15, 2011 10:06PM


I have a 40million record set table, and I need to query it a lot based on the date. There's two date columns (among the rest of the data)

startdate DATE,
enddate DATE

and it's basically a date range, EX:
startdate = 2001-01-01
enddate = 2001-02-01

I need to query for all records that a day fell in between that range. Say 2001-01-15.. So I use the query

FROM history
WHERE startdate >= '2001-01-15'
AND enddate <= '2001-01-15' ;

That query takes 91-92seconds to run..

I tried making those two columns indexes:

CREATE INDEX startdate_idx ON history (`startdate`);
CREATE INDEX enddate_idx ON history (`enddate`);

Each creation took about 200seconds to build.

Afterwards I try the same SELECT query mentioned above, and it takes ~ 490seconds!

I don't know if i did something wrong building that index. I usually just use primary key indexes and foreign key constraints.

I copied 100k records to a tmptable and I did tests on it, turning the DATE into an INT - helped a little bit. But making the DATE an index cut the query time down in 1/5th.. I don't know why it had the exact opposite effect on my larger testing table.

Any suggestions or advice??


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