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Big performance difference - can't find the difference (2 machines) ?
Posted by: Oliver Greil
Date: March 15, 2017 04:17AM


I have a really strange problem and I wondered if anyone of you has an idea what could cause this.

I am using a simple WP Plugin which benchmarks query performance via the following script (an excerpt):

$tableprefix = $wpdb->prefix."mywebtonetqtest";
$createtable = $wpdb->query("CREATE TABLE if not exists `$tableprefix` (`dummydata` text NOT NULL DEFAULT '')");
$time_start = microtime(true);
echo "<table width=70%>\n";
echo "<tr><td valign='top'><b>MySQL test: </b></td></tr>\n";
for ($i = 0; $i < $runquerycount ; $i++) {
$dotest = $wpdb->query( "insert into $tableprefix (dummydata) values ('$mysqlquerydata');" );
$dotest = $wpdb->query( "select * from $tableprefix;" );
$dotest = $wpdb->query( "update $tableprefix set dummydata='';" );
$dotest = $wpdb->query( "delete from $tableprefix;" );
$result = sprintf("%10.2f",number_format(microtime(true) - $time_start, 3));
$cresult = sprintf("%0.0f",$runquerycount /$result);

So nothing special here... the interesintg thing is that on the old machine a Core i7 6700K (4 cores 4.0Ghz) with 64GB RAM and SSD made around 350 queries/seconds in this test.

Now I moved over to a Xeon 1650v3 (6 cores 3.5Ghz) with 128GB ECC RAM and NVMe disk and the query time is donw to 80/sec.

I mean thats almost 1/4 of the query performance of the old machine. Now I wonder what could cause this.

The interesting thing is I have the complete same setup and configuration.

Both using Windows Server 2016, all patches applied, latest MySQL 5.7.17, PHP 7.1.2, IIS 10 x64

I am even using a copy of the php.ini and a my.ini for SQL - so all the settings are exactly the same.

I just don't find the reason why its slower. What I can see on the new machine though is that the benchmark is using much lower CPU usage than on the old system. I thought about problems in TCP connection - but both are bound to localhost on IP4 and IP6 and there are no signs of slow delays in connecting etc. I mean i still get the 80/sec queries on new machine.

BUt how comes the old one got 300+/sec?

Maybe someone of you has an idea what or how I could check the reason for this.

Thanks a lot for your time,

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Big performance difference - can't find the difference (2 machines) ?
March 15, 2017 04:17AM

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