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Failed to initialize consumers
Posted by: Jitender Singh
Date: October 09, 2016 04:15PM

Hi, I have configured MySQL Cluster on my local window machine with 4 nodes (Node 1- mgm, node 2 & 3 - data nodes and Node 4 - SQL node). My cluster is working fine. I also took backup using "Start Backup", however when I am trying to restore using "ndb_restore" option, I am getting below error.

2016-10-10 03:39:32 [MgmtSrvr] WARNING -- Failed to allocate nodeid for API at Returned error: 'No free node id found for mysqld(API).'

I am following below steps to restore.

1. Logging on mgm node and executing command "enter single user mode 4"
2. Executing below command to restore

D:\mysql-cluster\mysql\bin>ndb_restore -c localhost -n 2 -b 1 -m -r --backup_pa

D:\mysql-cluster\mysql\bin>ndb_restore -c localhost -n 2 -b 1 -m -r --backup_pa
Nodeid = 2
Backup Id = 1
backup path = D:\mysql-cluster\cluster-data\BACKUP\BACKUP-1
Opening file 'D:\mysql-cluster\cluster-data\BACKUP\BACKUP-1\BACKUP-1.2.ctl'
File size 26020 bytes
Backup version in files: ndb-6.3.11 ndb version: mysql-5.6.31 ndb-7.4.12
Stop GCP of Backup: 9795
Failed to initialize consumers

NDBT_ProgramExit: 1 - Failed

Not sure why getting this error.

I exit from single user mode and then tried executing restore command (step 2) but still I am getting same error.

Not sure howcome I am getting same error message when putting in single user mode or exiting from single user mode.

my cluster config

[ndbd default]
# Options affecting ndbd processes on all data nodes:
NoOfReplicas=2 # Number of replicas
DataDir=D:\\mysql-cluster\\cluster-data # Directory for each data node's data files

DataMemory=8M # Memory allocated to data storage
IndexMemory=8M # Memory allocated to index storage
# For DataMemory and IndexMemory, we have used the
# default values. Since the "world" database takes up
# only about 500KB, this should be more than enough for
# this example Cluster setup.

# Management process options:
HostName= # Hostname or IP address of management node
DataDir=D:\\mysql-cluster\\cluster-log # Directory for management node log files

# Options for data node "A":
# (one [ndbd] section per data node)
HostName= # Hostname or IP address

# Options for data node "B":
HostName= # Hostname or IP address

# SQL node options:
HostName= # Hostname or IP address

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Failed to initialize consumers
October 09, 2016 04:15PM
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