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MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0 Release 12 available for download - MySQL Workbench Status Update
Posted by: Michael G. Zinner
Date: May 16, 2007 06:35AM

Dear MySQL users,

'MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0' is a collection of GUI tools for the MySQL 5.0 Server. It consists of the following products

MySQL Administrator 1.2.12 GA
MySQL Query Browser 1.2.12 GA
MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1.12 GA

and offers a complete set of graphical tools to configure, manage and work with the MySQL Server.

GUI Tools download page

More information at:

MySQL Administrator

MySQL Query Browser

MySQL Migration Toolkit

MySQL Workbench Status Update

The MySQL GUI team is currently working full steam ahead on the much anticipated MySQL Workbench project. Development is on schedule and the first Beta is to be expected in Q3.

The application's core - the GRT Environment allowing for full scriptability and extendability via plugins - has been advanced to version 3. It now features a C++ module loader together with C++ header generation. This makes it possible for us to convert all application logic from the old C and Lua code to type safe C++ modules. This will greatly improve stability and maintainability. Further, the thread handling and event system has been shifted from the UI to the library code using glib and sigc++.

In contrast to the current tools we now draw a much cleaner line between the back-end and front-end implementation. To make this work with managed .Net/C# UI code on Windows we have to wrap the C++ back-end libraries with wrapper classes. This turned out to be much more straight forward than expected (a step that is not required on Linux).

The rewrite of the OpenGL canvas using the Cairo graphics library has been almost completed and gives promising results on OS X and Linux. We are currently working to get the Glitz compositing library working well on Windows - thanks go to the Mozilla team for their major work in this respect.

We are also making good progress with reusing the SQL grammar from the server for the reverse engineering process. This will guarantee a much improved handling of the SQL syntax throughout the tool.

The new Subversion source repositories will be published together with the very first Beta in Q3 and we are hoping to receive more patches from the community than before. These are now easier to write because of our switch to standard tools on Windows and our move to cleaner C++ code in general.

The same is true for plugins which should be written preferably in Lua and C++. We will also try to update the Python support and get it back into the Workbench later this year, as requested by members of the community, including Google and others.

Let me repeat that those who are anxiously awaiting the final release of the MySQL Workbench will not be disappointed and that the tool will be a major step in Open Source database application development.


Michael Zinner, Team Lead, Developer Tools

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MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0 Release 12 available for download - MySQL Workbench Status Update
May 16, 2007 06:35AM

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