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MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.8 has been released
Posted by: Jocelyn Ramilison
Date: December 22, 2012 04:51AM

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.8 is a new version of the 1.0 production
release of the pure Python database driver for MySQL.

MySQL Connector/Python version 1.0 is compatible with MySQL Server
versions 5.5 and greater, but should work with earlier versions
(greater than v4.1). Python v2.6 and greater as well as Python v3.1
and greater are supported. Python v2.4 and v2.5 are known to work,
but are not officially supported.

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.8 is available for download from

A brief summary of changes in MySQL Connector/Python v1.0 is listed
below. Please check the ChangeLog file inside the distribution for a
more complete list of changes or online at:

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.8

Bug  Fixes:

* Fixed so it only reconnects when the
  reconnect argument is set to True. (Bug #15915243, Bug #67650)

* Fixed storing multiple results after calling stored procedures
  which are using arguments. (Bug #15916486, Bug #67710)

* Fixed handling MySQL errors when doing handshake. (Bug #15836979)

* Fixed support for connecting to MySQL using IPv6 addresses. (Bug
  #15876886, Bug #15927825)

* Fixed reading the header of MySQL packets. Previously, we were
  reading the MySQL packet headers as 4 (or 7) bytes long buffers
  from the socket. When we did have the correct length, we would
  immediately raise an exception.
  We now keep reading data from the socket until we got the full
  header or bail out on errors. (Bug #14829471, Bug #67303)

* Fixed the error message when the TCP/IP port number is not a valid
  integer. Strings are first converted to integer and raise an error
  with a proper error when this fails. (Bug #13808727, Bug #64543)

* Fixed authenticating for Python v2 using usernames and/or
  passwords which contain Unicode characters using Python v2. (Bug
  #14843456, Bug #67306)

* Fixed reporting of socket errors. (Bug #14802017)

* Fixed executemany() to support the pyformat parameter style. (Bug
  #14754894, Bug #67146). The regular expression parsing the INSERT
  statement did not work when pyformat markers where used, that is,
  '%(c1)s' for example. This is now fixed so both ANSI C printf and
  Python extended format codes can be used by



The source distribution includes the manual in various formats under
the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs

We welcome and appreciate your feedback and bug reports:


On Behalf of the MySQL build team at Oracle
Hery Ramilison

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MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.8 has been released
December 22, 2012 04:51AM

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