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MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0.13 has been released
Posted by: Balasubramanian Kandasamy
Date: October 22, 2018 08:34AM

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0.13 is a new release version of the MySQL
Connector/C++ 8.0 series.

Connector/C++ 8.0 can be used to access MySQL implementing Document
Store or in a traditional way, using SQL queries. It allows writing
both C++ and plain C applications using X DevAPI and X DevAPI for C.
It also supports the legacy API of Connector/C++ 1.1 based on JDBC4.

To learn more about how to write applications using X DevAPI, see "X
DevAPI User Guide"

See also "X DevAPI Reference" at

and "X DevAPI for C Reference" at

For generic information on using Connector/C++ 8.0, see

For general documentation about how to get started using MySQL
as a document store, see

To download MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0.13, see the "Generally Available (GA)
Releases" tab at

Changes in MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0.13 (2018-10-22, General Availability)

     * Character Set Support

     * Packaging Notes

     * X DevAPI Notes

     * Functionality Added or Changed

     * Bugs Fixed

Character Set Support

     * For connections to the server made using the legacy JDBC
       API (that is, not made using X DevAPI or X DevAPI for C),
       the default connection character set is now utf8mb4
       rather than utf8. Connections to the server made using X
       DevAPI or X DevAPI for C continue to use the connection
       character set determined by the server. (Bug #28204677)

Packaging Notes

     * Connector/C++ 32-bit MSI packages are now available for
       Windows. These 32-bit builds enable use of the legacy
       JDBC connector.

     * Connector/C++ compressed tar file packages are now
       available for Solaris.
       It is also possible to build Connector/C++ from source on
       Solaris. For platform-specific build notes, see Building
       Connector/C++ Applications: Platform-Specific Considerations

X DevAPI Notes

     * Connector/C++ now provides connection pooling for
       applications using X Protocol. This capability is based
       on client objects, a new type of X DevAPI object. A
       client can be used to create sessions, which take
       connections from a pool managed by that client. For a
       complete description, see Connecting to a Single MySQL
       Server Using Connection Pooling
       X DevAPI example:
       using namespace mysqlx;

       Client cli("user:password@host_name/db_name", ClientOption::POOL_MAX_SIZE, 7);
       Session sess = cli.getSession();

       // use sess as before

       cli.close();  // close session sess

       X DevAPI for C example:
       char error_buf[255];
       int  error_code;

       mysqlx_client_t *cli
       = mysqlx_get_client_from_url(
       "user:password@host_name/db_name", "{ \"maxSize\": 7 }", error_buf, &error_code);
       mysqlx_session_t *sess = mysqlx_get_session_from_client(cli);

       // use sess as before

       mysqlx_close_client(cli);  // close session sess

     * For X DevAPI, a new connect-timeout option can be
       specified in connection strings or URIs to indicate a
       connection timeout in milliseconds. The
       SessionSettings::Options object supports a new
       CONNECT_TIMEOUT option.
       For X DevAPI for C, the mysqlx_opt_type_t constant is
       MYSQLX_OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT together with the
       OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT() macro.
       If no timeout option is specified, the default is 10000
       (10 seconds). A value of 0 disables the timeout. The
       following examples set the connection timeout to 10
       X DevAPI examples:
       Session sess("user@host/db?connect-timoeut=10");

       Session sess(..., SessionOption::CONNECT_TIMEOUT, 10, ...);

       Session sess(
       SessionOption::CONNECT_TIMEOUT, std::chrono::milliseconds(10),

       X DevAPI for C example:
       mysqlx_session_options_t *opt = mysqlx_session_options_new();
       mysqlx_session_option_set(opt, ..., OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT(10), ...);

Functionality Added or Changed

     * JSON: Connector/C++ now uses RapidJSON for improved
       performance of operations that involve parsing JSON
       strings. There are no user-visible API changes for X
       DevAPI or X DevAPI for C.

Bugs Fixed

     * On SLES 15, Connector/C++ installation failed if
       libmysqlcppcon7 was already installed. (Bug #28658120)

     * Applications that were statically linked to the legacy
       JDBC connector could encounter a read access violation at
       exit time due to nondeterministic global destruction
       order. (Bug #28525266, Bug #91820)

     * Configuring with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release did not work
       on Linux. (Bug #28045274)

     * Field references in .having() expressions could be
       interpreted incorrectly and produce errors.
       (Bug #26310713)

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

On Behalf of Oracle/MySQL Release Engineering Team,
Balasubramanian Kandasamy

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MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0.13 has been released
October 22, 2018 08:34AM

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