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Re: SHOW TABLES producing empty result set
Posted by: Glen McAllister
Date: June 30, 2017 02:31AM

Peter Brawley Wrote:
> On the contrary, if that description of an
> everyday situation--a user with partial
> privileges---had been sufficient, most of us would
> already have run into the problem, there'd be bug
> reports about it &c. We haven't, there aren't. So
> your description is missing something crucial.

Only (maybe) the fact that it's myself that is encountering this problem. There is no other user.

> If you can reproduce the problem, consider posting
> the steps needed to reproduce it on the bugs page.

I'm not going to file a bug, because I know now that it isn't a bug. Like I said in my previous post, the behaviour for a similarly configured user in my test instance was different to prod and as expected; i.e SHOW TABLES produced a non-empty set; i.e. the expected behaviour.

> If you can't, and you're asking us to guess where
> to look, I'd suggest first watching the user walk
> through the steps to reproduce it. If with correct
> commands she can't, you can be pretty sure it was
> a command anomaly. If she can, I'd say check
> entries in the privilege tables. If necessary turn
> on a log so you have a record of how it comes to
> happen.

Again - there is no "she". There is only "me". I appreciate your efforts to be inclusive & non-gender specific 'tho. There is no "command anomaly". The privs all show correctly as a result of SHOW GRANTS for the user(s) involved.

I have checked the privilege tables on both test and prod instances and there are no differences.

I have also tested prod with a user of the form "<user>@localhost" and this user did NOT encounter the problem. The user that encounters the problem on prod is of the form "<user>@<external IP>". A user of this form does not encounter the problem on test.

What log(s) would you suggest I turn on?

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Re: SHOW TABLES producing empty result set
June 30, 2017 02:31AM

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