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Another Hard Luck Access Story
Posted by: David Harrison
Date: November 04, 2009 05:43PM

Another access hard-luck story.

I've installed MySQl 5.1 on my local machine (PC Windows) with no issues. I've used the DOS command interface to crate database, tables, perform queries, etc. I discoverd MyQSL Client and down loaded v 5.1.11. Installed and pointed it at my local databse. Works great. Love the interface and it relieves a lot of the tedium of working with the database.

I've developed an app and now want to deploy to my host. My host has a shared environment and I was given an id that was supposed to be an admin id. The host requires that I create a database using their website before I can access mySQL. No problem I created an empty database. For remote access I need to provide an IP address of my client. No Problem.

I then configure a connection for my host, username & password, server address, etc. I launch a connection and voila, I'm in! Launch the Query browser, great. Except I don't see my database in the list of schemas. I can only see information_schema. Hmmm. Maybee it's there and I can't see it. OK, try show databases. No go only information_schema. OK what privileges do I have? show grants. 'GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'username'@'' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD 'some password''

Well, maybe I need to expressly grant privileges on the new database to the "admin" account. Back to the website, over to phpMyAdmin (man what an ugly, clumsy place) grant all on db.* to 'me' identified by 'password'. Now I'm ready.

Back to MySQL client. Same story. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

Calls to the host support go nowhere as I can use phpMyAdmin to create database, tables, run queries, etc. So as far as they are concerned my user privileges are fine. It must be the client.

Now for the questions. What am I missing? Is there some configuration on the client side I need to make? Am I using the wrong version of the client? THe hosted db is 5.0.45. The info on MySQL site for this client version states that it is for 5.1 but would work with 5.0.

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Another Hard Luck Access Story
November 04, 2009 05:43PM

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