MySQL on VMware/Ubuntu - snapshots
Posted by: Michael Dykman
Date: January 16, 2017 08:59AM

Hello everyone.

In my shop, we are running our infrastructure through VMware using physical, leased hardware in a datacenter. This includes the MyQL 5.5 database (Community Edition) which is installed under Ubuntu 14.04 VM. We use InnoDB tables exclusively.

The operations team maintains our backups using VMWare snapshots taken from the live database with a VMware-specific 'quiescing' function.

My understanding is that one can not reliably make disk-based snapshots of an InnoDB system without actually shutting down the database service.

While our operations team has demonstrated at least one successful restore from one of those snapshots, I am concerned that it was a fluke. In the days of MyISAM, the statement 'FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK' was sufficient to quiesce for a disk snapshot but that technique has been deprecated for at least 10 years now. Short of upgrading to Percona, I'm pretty sure that the database needs to be halted before reliable disk-based backups can proceed.

Does anyone here have any experience using MySQL with VMWare snapshots who can either reassure me or confirm my concerns?

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MySQL on VMware/Ubuntu - snapshots
January 16, 2017 08:59AM

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