Re: Database unreachable unless I start the MYSQL Workbench
Posted by: Igor Brittner
Date: October 11, 2018 04:08AM

Hey Peter,

thank you for your suggestions and sorry for my unsteady answers. I'm doing my apprenticeship right now where I have to go to school on 2 days in the week. Back to the topic..

I think I made myself unclear. I'll describe the current scenario as good as I can.. our customer hosted their database and webshop etc. by themselves and only used/bought our PIM software. But after some time, they decided to outsource their database and webserver (Apache) so that we maintain the whole thing.

We established a virtual Win7 machine, installed apache and configured the whole stuff. They wanted to have wordpress installed (which requires mySQL and PHP), so I did this as well. After this, I transfered their current mySQL database and restored it on our virtual machine and configured it so that their webpage is reachable. So far so good, everything works as intended.

For easier management (for me who manages the virtual machine/apache etc.), I also installed the mySQL Workbench and created a root user. Configured all the necessarry stuff like creating and filling the my.ini, log paths etc.
I also edited the wp-config file according to the information needed like database name and user. Everything worked fine untill I had to reboot the virtual machine because of updates.

The service starts automatically which should be enough.. so I thought. But the webpage says the database connection can't be established. When I start the mySQL workbench and log in with the root user, the webpage opens just fine and the database becomes reachable. This wouldn't be that much of an issue because the VM rarely reboots, but when it reboots and nobody is in the company to manually start the mySQL workbench and log in with root user, we have a problem because the webpage will stay unreachable although all services are running. As I already said, I tried putting the mySQL Workbench in the autostart folder, but this isn't enough because a root login seems to be necesarry.

I will add some screenshots for better understanding!

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