Full backup , bin log backup and point in time recovery process
Posted by: Udara Ratnayake
Date: April 27, 2020 04:54PM

Hi I have setup mysql bacup in my production as follows

DB full backup every day 8.00pm
mysqldump --single-transaction --flush-logs --master-data=2 -u $mysql -p -f crmdb1 > /backup/crmdb1_26_04_2020_20_00.sql

mysqldump -u $mysql -p crmdb1 > fullcrmdb1_26_04_2020_20_00.sql -safe side

Bin backup every day 8.00pm
#Backing up bin logs process
/usr/bin/mysql -u $mysql -p -s --skip-column-names -Bse 'Show binary logs' > /backup/Showbinarylogs.txt
binlog=`/usr/bin/head -1 /tmp/Showbinarylogs.txt | awk '{print $1}'`
mysqlbinlog -u $mysql -p --to-last-log "$binlog" > /backup/binlog_backupfile_26_04_2020_20_00_01.sql

Additional info and this information stored in every backup folder
cat /etc/Showbinarylogs26_04_2020_20_00_01.txt
bin.000598 204 No
ServerA-bin.000599 9625063 No
ServerA-bin.000600 204 No
ServerA-bin.000601 204 No
ServerA-bin.000602 204 No
ServerA-bin.000603 5825701 No
ServerA-bin.000604 204 No
ServerA-bin.000605 204 No
ServerA-bin.000606 204 No
ServerA-bin.000607 6046472 No
ServerA-bin.000608 204 No
ServerA-bin.000609 204 No
ServerA-bin.000610 204 No
ServerA-bin.000611 85361744 No
ServerA-bin.000612 204 No
ServerA-bin.000613 204 No
ServerA-bin.000614 204 No
ServerA-bin.000615 7107625 No
ServerA-bin.000616 204 No
ServerA-bin.000617 204 No
ServerA-bin.000618 204 No
ServerA-bin.000619 10996329 No
ServerA-bin.000620 204 No
ServerA-bin.000621 204 No
ServerA-bin.000622 204 No
ServerA-bin.000623 6239054 No
ServerA-bin.000624 204 No
ServerA-bin.000625 204 No
ServerA-bin.000626 204 No
ServerA-bin.000627 6543720 No
ServerA-bin.000628 204 No
ServerA-bin.000629 204 No
ServerA-bin.000630 204 No
ServerA-bin.000631 7815077 No
ServerA-bin.000632 204 No
ServerA-bin.000633 204 No
ServerA-bin.000634 204 No
ServerA-bin.000635 6091016 No
ServerA-bin.000636 204 No
ServerA-bin.000637 204 No
ServerA-bin.000638 204 No
ServerA-bin.000639 6683 No

This all backup located with date folder on each day in /backup/28042020
following information available on each backup folder
Full backup
binlog backup

Q1.Is that fullbackups/ binlog backup are correct?
Q2. What is the step for point in time recovery the DB incase of table drop or DB crash beteen two full backups?
ex: restore 8pm full backup on previous day full backup(25_04_2020)
mysql -u root -p www_hwc < /backup/crmdb1_25_04_2020_20_00.sql
then resotre logs (taken 26-04-2020 20_00_01)
mysqlbinlog --stop-datetime="2020-04-20 9:59:59" /backup/binlog_backupfile_26_04_2020_20_00_01.sql | mysql -u mysql -p

Q3. how to do point in time recovery if DB creash between now(no backup taken) and last full backups which is 26-04-2020(as we didnt have tail binlog backup)

Will any one can advise if find any issues and workaround

many thanks

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Full backup , bin log backup and point in time recovery process
April 27, 2020 04:54PM

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