MySql Exception by Selecting Auto_Increment Values C#
Posted by: Maximilian Schmidt
Date: March 26, 2016 02:49PM

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I want to get the username and userid, but when i executing the command I get the Exception:

Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.\r\nParameter name: startIndex"
The Database has the Items: UserID(AutoIncrement Int(9)(PK)) and UserName(Varchar(20))


using (MySqlConnection connection = new MySqlConnection(DBConnection.ConnectionString))
MySqlCommand getUser = new MySqlCommand("SELECT * FROM User Where UserID = '42'", connection);
MySqlDataReader reader = getUser.ExecuteReader();
if (reader.HasRows){
The Exception is thrown at "ExecuteReader".

"Select* From User Where UserID ='42'" is Executing without any trouble on the Server.

I also tried only the query

SELECT * FROM User Where User
But I get the same exception.

I can insert into the Table and I can get the Last insert ID but when I try to every Database with Select * From XY I get the same Exception. All the Tables are with innobDB and the all have at least 1 primary or foreign key.

If I only select the UserName the Query is working:

Select UserName From User

But when I try to get the UserID

Select UserID From User

I get the Exception:

{"Destination array is not long enough to copy all the items in the collection. Check array index and length."} System.Exception {System.ArgumentException}

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MySql Exception by Selecting Auto_Increment Values C#
March 26, 2016 02:49PM

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