Re: EOFException in Connector/j
Posted by: Kris Younger
Date: January 05, 2005 11:12AM

Mark Matthews wrote:

> Are you sure your server isn't
> restarting/clobbering connections when this
> happens? Whenever I've had a user chase this down
> the cause has been one of five things:
> 1) wait_timeout (which you say isn't the issue)
No, I doubt it, as just edit, deply and test and the connections should be be going up and down each time my app gets deployed?

> 2) flaky network
Same machine, no real network involved.

> 3) bad values for various server-side timeout
> variables (net_read_timeout and friends)

Always possible, although i *believe* I'm using stock values.

> 4) Bad MySQL build that crashes...usually a
> non-official-MySQL-AB binary

I thought be xmas, 'well, it must be me.' I still do. But I did download and upgrade server to 4.1.8,
client libs the same, and made sure I'm using
mysql-connector-java-3.1.5-gamma-bin.jar in my app server's lib dir. all from
mirrors from

> and very infrequently
> 5) A server bug, where a given query was actually
> crashing the server

This seems *extremely* unlikely. But is there a way to log thread/task/whatever death within
the mysqld?
I'm using SQL generated from inside Sun's Java Studio Creator, which used RowSets to talk with
JDBC, seems unlikely that is it - others are using SJSC with mysql....
It's got to be some kind of config on my side, but like I say, I get *DOZENS* of these over the course of a few minutes, testing - sigh - the app works fine by the way - the DATA is coming out to my pages.
Bizarre. Any Ideas??


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January 03, 2005 01:31PM
Re: EOFException in Connector/j
January 05, 2005 11:12AM

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