Re: PreparedStatement returns different result than regular Statement???
Posted by: s.a.w.gooren
Date: January 16, 2005 01:28PM

id int(2),
guid varbinary(16)

INSERT INTO test(1, UNHEX(REPLACE(UUID(), _utf8"-", _utf8"")) );

When I run some java code:

// Case 1: regular connection:
ResultSet rs = statement.executeQuery("SELECT guid FROM test WHERE id=1");
byte[] bytes = rs.getBytes("guid");

// Case 2: preparedStatement
PreparedStatement ps = connection.prepare("SELECT guid FROM test WHERE id=?");
ps.setInt(1, 1);
ResultSet rs2 = ps.executeQuery();
byte[] bytes2 = rs.getBytes("guid");

On my systems bytes contains a different value from bytes2.
This problem did not exist in the 3.0.x driver, but after switching to 3.1.6 it was introduced. Setting "useServerPrepStmts=false" obviously fixes it, but it's not really a solution.

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