Use in threaded inet Java applications
Posted by: Elmo Recio
Date: June 07, 2007 08:08PM

I have two threaded classes already. One accepts a request from the net (A), which hands the socket to the processor thread (B) to be placed in a pool. The other threaded class (B) processes the requests from its request pool. When a B-thread wakes up and starts to process the request from the pool, is when it needs to talk to MySQL.

I don't want to create a mysql connection for each thread. I don't want to create a mysql connection for each request coming in. I think that I can prepare/execute a statement and share it among different threads because JDBC will block until I close() the statement.

a) do i have to also close() the connection for the second thread to unblock?
b) How do I share the same mysql connection among the threads in each request processor. Should I declare the mysql connection static and create a static method 'ProcessorThread.connectMysql()' called from the A-thread so that all B-threads could share the connection?
c) do i REALLY have to create a threaded mysql connection manager. I am looking at 20-30 connections per 5 minutes. They are all executing the same query with different params. This is just a "demo" which if it pans out, I can make more robust later.

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Use in threaded inet Java applications
June 07, 2007 08:08PM

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