Re: DATE_FORMAT not working with connector/j 3.1.7
Posted by: R Fields
Date: March 16, 2005 04:15PM


We are getting mixed results for this bug fix (we are using mysql-connector-java-3.1-nightly-20050316-bin.jar).

In some snippets of code, it now appears to be working, and we are getting a String back. In others, we continue to get the blob.

The following snippet of code (that we use to map the results into a Vector of Hashtables) continues to have the problem:

public static Vector createResultsVector(ResultSet rs) throws DBException {
try {
Vector resultVector = new Vector();
ResultSetMetaData meta = rs.getMetaData();
while ( {
Hashtable currentRow = new Hashtable();
for (int i = 1; i <= meta.getColumnCount(); i++) {
Object data = rs.getObject(i);
// let's print this out to see what we're getting here
System.out.println(meta.getColumnName(i) + "-" + data.getClass().getName());
if (data != null) {
currentRow.put(meta.getColumnName(i), data);
return resultVector;
catch (SQLException e) {
cat.error("DB.createResultsVector failed: " + e.getMessage());

Thank you,

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