Prepared Statement bug?
Posted by: Connor Barry
Date: May 07, 2005 05:20PM

I think there's a bug in the driver.

My JSP code:
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(

PreparedStatement stmt = con.prepareStatement("select doc0_.item_id as id, doc0_1_.version as version1_, " +
"doc0_1_.created as created1_, doc0_1_.price as price1_, doc0_1_.sale_price as sale5_1_, " +
"doc0_1_.on_sale as on6_1_, as name3_, as active3_, " +
"doc0_.abstract_text as abstract4_3_" +
" from document_items doc0_ inner join items doc0_1_ on" +
" where doc0_.item_id = ?");
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery();
while ( {%>
Doc: <%=rs.getString("id")%> - <%=rs.getString("name3_")%>
<% }

stmt = con.prepareStatement("select childcateg0_.parent_id as parent5___, as id__, " +
" as id0_, childcateg0_.version as version13_0_, childcateg0_.created as created13_0_," +
" as name13_0_, childcateg0_.parent_id as parent5_13_0_ from categories childcateg0_" +
" where childcateg0_.parent_id = ?");
rs = stmt.executeQuery();
while ( {%>
Cat: <%=rs.getString("id__")%> - <%=rs.getString("name13_0_")%>
<% }

Basically, I'm preparing two statement, each with one parameter. In both statements I set the parameter to a valid ID. The first one returns no rows, the second one returns two results.

If I change the queries to normal queries (by typing in the value of each parameter in the place of the "?"), the first query then returns one row.

I'm using Connector/J 3.1.8a and MySQL 4.1.11-nt-max
I tried the same code using Connector/J 3.2alpha, same results.

My workaround will be to append the following to the connection URL of my datasource:

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Prepared Statement bug?
May 07, 2005 05:20PM

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