Idiots guide for Blob -> Object...
Posted by: mezz2k
Date: May 24, 2005 04:26PM

First off I'm running MySQL 4.1.12 (win32) with MySQL Connector Java 3.1.8a if that helps.

All I'm trying to do is read and write objects to a MySQL table. If I can get this simple example going then I can expand it into what I actually need to do.

I have a string wrapper class which literally is a blank class storing a String and has a method to retrieve it (pretty pointless I know but good for an example). This gets shoved into a table with one Blob field. After looking around for a few hours there seems to be two ways of doing this:

One being the set and getObject methods as per the preparedStatement.executeUpdate() which I just end up with ClassCastException errors. The other being writing it as a Byte[] and then restoring it via ObjectInputStreams and the like. The problem with that is I get a StreamCorruptedException.

Anyone know of a quick example of how to do this correctly as its in danger of crossing into headache territory?

Thanks in advance.

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Idiots guide for Blob -> Object...
May 24, 2005 04:26PM

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