Re: Insert using connector j?
Posted by: Todd Farmer
Date: July 07, 2014 03:44PM

Hi Branden,

Based on your code, I suspect you're getting SQL syntax error messages (you'll want to do a printStackTrace() or similar in your exception handling code to verify). The cause is improperly-quoted values in the INSERT statement - you probably end up with something like the following:

INSERT INTO employees (ID,name,email,password)
VALUES (1,todd,,mypassword);

That's going to fail.

It's also a sign that you need to better consider/understand input sanitation and SQL injection attacks. Allowing that this is probably proof-of-concept code, it would be trivial to exploit this in ways you surely would not like. That has implications, as a naive solution to your problem would be to simply add single quotes around the user data, like so:

stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO employees (ID,name,email,password) VALUES ('"+ user[0] +"','"+ user[1] +"','"+ user[2] +"','"+ user[3] +"')");

While this will likely solve the question you are asking about, and eliminate the presumed SQL syntax error, it's entirely unsafe. Don't be tempted to use it. :)

Instead, please consider using prepared statements:

PreparedStatement psmt = conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO employees (ID,name,email,password) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)");
psmt.setInt(1, user[0]);
psmt.setString(2, user[1]);
psmt.setString(3, user[2]);
psmt.setString(4, user[3]);

(or something similar).

Hope that helps!

Todd Farmer
MySQL @ Oracle

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Re: Insert using connector j?
July 07, 2014 03:44PM

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