oooBase Multi User Base Reports not Locking / Staying with user "ThisDatabaseDocument"
Posted by: Andy Jordaan
Date: October 07, 2015 02:17AM

I have upgraded an OpenOffice Base to serve to Multi Users from MYSQL on my Local but Remote Server to a number of terminals set up to connect a Open Office Base front-end via JDBC

The server is a Ubuntu 14.04 asterisk box serving serving MYSQL to the asterisk that works well and I have only recently added the OpenOffice Base Database to serve the ooo Base mysql which it does using the java JDBC

The server has MySQL version 14.14 distribution 5.6.19

On the Client side (Ubuntu)I have installed the lastest Oracle 1.8.0_60 java and I have pointed the class path to :/usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java-5.1.32.jar

Each client user can build their form document without any issues.

The MySQL is a standard installation in that I have NOT installed any Locks


It seems as if all sessions are merged when delivering reports, as in whoever has latest Current-User / lock , that's the report MYSQL serves, in other words user "A" gets user "B" reports if user "B" was the last to do something.

"SHOW PROCESSLIST;" indicates different thread-Id's for each user

The MYSQL started off as MyISAM then I converted to InnoDB

All users have their own copy of the Base .odb on their terminal with their own user name. it is Not a Share Base .odb installed on the server

I have tried on a number of Macro's with the same results

I created another test server, with the same results

here are the macro I have used :

First Macro

Sub EVA_Report(event)
oButton = event.source.Model
sReportname = oButton.tag
oReport = ThisDatabaseDocument.ReportDocuments.GetByName(sReportName)
end sub

Second Macro

Sub CreateReportCalledfromButton(oEvent as object)

dim oCreateButton,oForm
dim oConnection,oReportsDocuments

openReport(oConnection, oReportsDocuments, oCreateButton.tag , oForm.Filter)

End Sub

Function openReport(oConnection, oReportsDocuments,aReportName,sFilter) as object

Dim mPrintopts1()

dim aProp(3) as new
dim aProp2
dim oReportDesign
aProp(1).Name = "ActiveConnection"
aProp(1).Value = oConnection
aProp(0).Name = "Hidden"
aProp(0).Value = true
aProp(2).Name = "OpenMode"
aProp(2).Value = "openDesign"
let aProp2=aProp
oReportDesign=oReportsDocuments.loadComponentFromURL(aReportName ,"",0,aProp())

aProp2(0).Value = TRUE
aProp2(2).Value = "open"

oReportsDocuments.loadComponentFromURL(aReportName ,_blank,0,aProp2()).Print(mPrintopts1())

End Function

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oooBase Multi User Base Reports not Locking / Staying with user "ThisDatabaseDocument"
October 07, 2015 02:17AM

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