Using URLEncode to upload data via PHP to mYSQL
Posted by: Arthur Chan
Date: September 04, 2018 01:31AM

This time around, I am uploading data from the client Java app via PHP to mySQL server. On the PHP end, I am using a _POST and in Java I am using URLEncoder.encode, like this:

ArrayList<String> urlVar = new ArrayList<>();

urlVar.add("?" + (URLEncoder.encode("coyName","UTF-8")+ "=" + URLEncoder.encode(coyName, "UTF-8")));

I am trying to figure out why the above would work, but this won't work (which is what I have been doing).
urlVar.add((URLEncoder.encode("?coyName","UTF-8")+ "=" + URLEncoder.encode(coyName, "UTF-8")));

Moving the ? out of the encode() makes all the difference !?!

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Using URLEncode to upload data via PHP to mYSQL
September 04, 2018 01:31AM

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