Re: Incorrect string value: '\\xF0\\x9F\\x91\\x8F\\xF0\\x9F...'
Posted by: Michael Rubin
Date: January 15, 2019 09:33AM

Hi Filipe,

> This works as expected. Are you sure the column
> you're adding data to is actually using UTF8MB4?

I'm positive. The issue isn't that inserting emojis always doesn't work, the issue is that it works sporadically. For example, when the service starts up, inserting emojis works. Sometime over the next several days, the service (meaning HikariCP or MySQL Connector/J) gets into a state where inserting emojis no longer works.

There have been no code changes to this service and everything used to work fine. What changed is that we 1) upgraded from MySQL Connector/J 5.1.47 to 8.0.13 and 2) started using some recommended (for performance) configuration settings like 'cacheServerConfiguration', 'useServerPrepStmts', etc.

> Did you find the problem?

The issue appears to be with the 'cacheServerConfiguration' configuration. I have tried commenting that out and the service is still processing inserts with emojis since yesterday - this is an improvement over previous behavior.

It seems that there is a bug with 'cacheServerConfiguration' where UTF8MB4 is involved. Is there anything I can do to help debug this and provide that information to the MySQL Connector/J team?

Thank you

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