Re: windows - tomcat - jdbc - "unable to connect" linux instead of windows is fine
Posted by: Mark Matthews
Date: December 31, 2004 10:21AM

Niels wrote:
> Hm..This is someting I already noticed, but I
> didn't thought is was/is a problem because I had
> no problems under Linux with the same database and
> jdbc driver.
> character_set | toxus_nl |
> | character_sets | latin1 big5 czech euc_kr
> gb2312 gbk latin1_de sjis tis620 ujis dec8 dos
> german1 hp8 koi8_ru latin2 swe7 usa7 cp1251 danish
> hebrew win1251 estonia hungarian koi8_ukr
> win1251ukr greek win1250 croat cp1257 latin5
> toxus_nl |
> | convert_character_set |
> The database Is'n maintant by me, and I am not
> shure why the characterset 'toxus_nl' is
> introduced, and if this can be changed..It would
> be great if there is a solution where I don't have
> to change the character set.
> I already tried adding the character encoding to
> the connection string without any result.


The issue is that there is no way at all for the JDBC driver to know how to map 'toxus_nl' to some character encoding that Java knows about. You'll have to do it by hand, forcing the driver to use a particular Java character set (see for a list) with the 'characterEncoding' URL property.

For some reason, on the Linux box, the JVM 'knows' what to do about the 'toxus_nl' character set, but doesn't under windows. Are you sure this is a valid character set? It doesn't appear to be something MySQL ships with the server, is it some custom character set?

Mark Matthews
Consulting Member Technical Staff - MySQL Enterprise Tools

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