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XML/mySQL for dummies?
Posted by: Jason Durham
Date: September 04, 2006 10:57AM

I'm a graphic designer doing a website for a club I belong to. There is a portion of the website where I have some content which will need to be updated regularly. The website was designed in Flash 8 Professional and is linked to an XML file located in the site root called gallery.xml

Basically, I need to find a way to add entries to this XML document. I figured I could create an HTML form to update a mySQL db and have the db generate an updated gallery.xml.

The XML document is formatted like this...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!-- Edited with Macromedia Dreamweaver -->

Some of the fields will have special characters ("/", "-", "*", etc.) as some of the members use those in their 'username'. From my searching on the web, I found this query...

use strict;
use DBI;

my $dbh = DBI->connect ("DBI:mysql:HOSTNAME",
{ RaiseError => 1, PrintError => 0});
my $sth = $dbh->prepare ("SELECT Name, category FROM masterTbl");
$sth->execute ();
print "<?xml version=\"1.0"\"?>\n";
print "<gallery>\n";
while (my ($Name, $Username, $Year, $Make, $Model, $Website, $Picture) = $sth->fetchrow_array ())
print " <member>\n";
print " <name>$Name</name>\n";
print " <year>$Year</year>\n";
print " <make>$Make</make>\n";
print " <model>$Model</model>\n";
print " <website>$Website</website>\n";
print " <username>$Username</username>\n";
print " <picture>$Picture</picture>\n";
print " </member>\n";
$dbh->disconnect ();
print "</gallery>\n";

Unfortuantely, I don't have much experience with SQL to know where to put this or how to use it. Am I barking up the right tree? Anybody have any words of wisdom? TIA!

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XML/mySQL for dummies?
September 04, 2006 10:57AM

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