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Re: Is there any npm library available for mysql which is synchronous?
Posted by: Rui Quelhas
Date: September 19, 2022 02:06PM

Hi Prithwiraj,

I will simplify the explanation a bit because it is mostly off-topic for this specific forum.

Due to the single-threaded non-blocking programming model used most often by Node.js applications, it does not make too much sense to implement I/O-bound operations such as database access using synchronous code, because it would block the single main thread that runs the application.

There are some multi-threaded constructs for JavaScript and Node.js in particular, but those are fairly new and are not widely used.

So, usually, for most I/O-bound APIs in general, and database drivers in particular, you usually need (and want) to use some asynchronous pattern such as callback functions, Promises or Generators.

When you use a Promise-based API, you can leverage async/await syntatic sugar, which allows the code to flow in a serial fashion, similar to what it would look like in a synchronous API.

Using your example:

const mysqllib = require('mysqllib');

const connectToDatabase = async () => {
  const conn = await mysqllib.connect(...);
  const res = await conn.query(...);

  // ...

Hope it helps.

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Re: Is there any npm library available for mysql which is synchronous?
September 19, 2022 02:06PM

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