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memory leak in 32-bit DBD::mysql on a 64-bit Linux host
Posted by: Igor Marnat
Date: January 14, 2008 06:16AM

Hi All!
I have binary proprietary 32-bit Perl module that I forced to use, therefore I use 32-bit Perl interpreter. I also have server with 32 Gigabyte of RAM, therefore I use 64-bit Linux (openSUSE 10.3) (platform x86_64).

In order to connect to MySQL server, I need DBD::mysql driver. It isn't included in perl-32bit*, so I built it manually.

It seems to work but after a few days of usage we found that there are memory leaks. We generated test script (attached) and I can see using top that its size in memory grows constantly. I tried to run it under valgrind and it shows also memory leaks.

By the way, I tried to build and install DBD::mysql from sources using CPAN, but this attempt failed. CPAN loaded the sources, saw that current perl interpreter is 32-bit one and tried to run Makefile.PL with parameter "C_FLAGS=-m32". Makemaker doesn't want to run with it and complains that "'C_FLAGS' is not a known MakeMaker parameter name".

Therefore I downloaded DBD::mysql sources and built it manyally. If this matters, I can write configuration parameters I used to build it.

MySQL server is of 5.0.45 version, DBD::mysql is of 4.005 version.

Please help, what can we do in order to avoid memory leaks? Any help or idea, please.

If I run this script using 64-bit perl interpreter (/usr/bin/perl), it works ok and its size remain the same all the time. If I remove DBD::mysql usage from the script, it works ok as well. Therefore I suppose that the problem is somewhere in DBD::mysql driver.

Test script:

#!/opt/ActivePerl-5.8/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use DBI;


my $CONSTR = "dbi:mysql:billing:";
my $LOGIN = "log";
my $PASSWORD ="pas";



my $date_agr = "2007-11-11";
my $ip_int = 1234567;
my $sql_str = "SELECT CLIENT_ID, XLS_NAME FROM clients WHERE IP_INT = $ip_int AND FROM_DATE<='".$date_agr."' AND TO_DATE>'".$date_agr."'";

for (my $j=1; $j<99999999; $j++)
my $sth = $DBH_MAIN->prepare($sql_str);
#print $j;


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memory leak in 32-bit DBD::mysql on a 64-bit Linux host
January 14, 2008 06:16AM

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