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Re: Problem Printing Results using while loop
Posted by: Dexter Nelson
Date: April 23, 2008 09:26AM

Alright, I've made ALOT of progress. I did away with the second loop, and also broke down the select statements separately like so.

# =====================================================================
# Use the poll database to view the information and to update.
# =====================================================================
$sth = $dbh->prepare("select * from questions") or &dbdie;
$rv = $sth->execute;

while (my($id,$identifier,$instructions,$question,$type,$islast) = $sth->fetchrow_array) {
# Print the question
print qq(<p><b><small>$id. $question</small></b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;);

$f = $sth->fetchrow_hashref;
my($identifier) = "$f->{identifier}";

$asth = $dbh->prepare("select * from answers where identifier = '$identifier'") or &dbdie;
$rv = $asth->execute;
while (my($id,$identifier,$answer) = $asth->fetchrow_array) {

# Display select header.
if ($type eq "select") {
print qq(<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<select name="answer">);

# Print the answer options.
if ($type eq "radio") {
print qq(<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="radio" name="answer" value="$answer"><small>$answer</small></input>);
if ($type eq "checkbox") {
print qq(<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="checkbox" name="answer" value="$answer"><small>$answer</small></input>);
if ($type eq "select") {
print qq(<option value="$answer"><small>$answer</small></option>);

# Display select footer.
if ($type eq "select") {
print qq(</select>);

With 1 loop, I can loop through all the questions while they are true, and with the second select inside the loop after the question, I can select just the answers with the matching identifiers for that question.

In essence, I only needed 1 loop that selected the answer options after the question. Right now it's only showing the first question in the questionaire, but when I edit the select statement that should change.

I hope you figured yours out.

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Re: Problem Printing Results using while loop
April 23, 2008 09:26AM

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