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Character sets
Posted by: filippo guenzi
Date: October 13, 2010 08:10AM


I am working with :
- MySQL Server 5.1.31
- MySQL Administrator 1.2.17
- MySQL Query Browser 1.2.17
- Windows XP Pro 2002 Service Pack 3
- Activeperl 5.10.1 Build 1700
- PHP 5.2.9-2 (not relevant here)

As far as I know character sets are specified in 3 places :
- MySQL Administrator -> Startup variables -> Advanced -> Localization -> Default Character Set which corresponds to what is specified in my.ini I guess.
- In table options (MySQL Administrator -> Select schema -> Select table -> Edit table -> Table Options -> Character Set)
- In column details (MySQL Administrator -> Select schema -> Select table -> Edit table -> Select column -> Column details -> Column Character Set)

In our business we run a program that deals with clients, orders, invoices.
In addition I use MySQL+php to get more info from that data.
So I need to export the data from the above mentioned program and import it in mySQL.
Our program exports text files in ASCII.

Before I had my whole database in utf8 and when I was loading data into it with MySQL Query Browser everything was working fine.
I then tried to automate loading of data into the database with Perl.
But all characters like é, ê, è, à, ô, î, û, ü, ç are transformed in ? when I do it with perl. Except if I save my text file in UTF-8 before running my perl script.

On one hand I am looking for a script to save all my text files in utf8.

On the other hand I am wondering if I should change the character set of my database to ascii. I tried to do that but I had a lot of problems. MySQL Query Browser was raising errors when I was trying to go from UTF8 to ASCII showing me rows where there were accented characters like é.

I heard that :
- UTF-8 and ascii match on the first 128 chars.
- UTF-8 and latin-1 match on the first 256 chars.

It looks like a mess to me :/

Here is the perl script that works fine when the database is utf-8 and the loaded file is utf-8 and kills my accented chars when it moves them from ascii files to utf8 database :


### simply calls LOAD DATA INFILE for specified database, tablename and csv file
use DBI;
use Getopt::Long;

GetOptions( "host=s" => \$hostname,
"port=i" => \$port,
"username=s" => \$username,
"password=s" => \$password,
"database=s" => \$database,
"file=s" => \$file,
"table=s" => \$table);

#data file MUST be specified (plus we substitute all occurances of \ with a /)
#die "No path to *.csv file specified!!!" unless defined $file;
#die "No table name specified!!!" unless defined $table;
#$file =~ s/\\/\//g;

#here we set default DB connection parameters
if (not defined $hostname) {$hostname = "localhost";}
if (not defined $port) {$port = "3306";}
if (not defined $username) {$username = "root";}
if (not defined $password) {$password = 'myPassword';}
if (not defined $database) {$database = "";}

#connect to database
$dsn = "DBI:mysql:database=$database;host=$hostname;port=$port";
$dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, $username, $password) or die("Could not connect to database '$database'!");

#create and execute SQL queries
$sql = '
INFILE "C:/flow.csv"
INTO TABLE `qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`
fields terminated by "\t"
ignore 1 lines



`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.poidsNet=convert(replace(replace(@poidsNet," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.poidsBrut=convert(replace(replace(@poidsBrut," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.stockDisponible=convert(replace(replace(@stockDisponible," ",""),",","."),decimal(8,3)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.prixAchatHT=convert(replace(replace(@prixAchatHT," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.remiseAchat1=convert(replace(replace(@remiseAchat1," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.remiseAchat2=convert(replace(replace(@remiseAchat2," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.remiseAchat3=convert(replace(replace(@remiseAchat3," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.fraisDeTransportAuKG=convert(replace(replace(@fraisDeTransportAuKG," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.margeSurPaesVoulue=convert(replace(replace(@margeSurPaesVoulue," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.prixVenteHTPro=convert(replace(replace(@prixVenteHTPro," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.prixVenteTTCPart=convert(replace(replace(@prixVenteTTCPart," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.tauxTVA=convert(replace(replace(@tauxTVA," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.degresAlcoolPur=convert(replace(replace(@degresAlcoolPur," ",""),",","."),decimal(10,2)),
`qua`.`catalogue_from_ciel`.qteParColis=convert(replace(replace(@qteParColis," ",""),",","."),decimal(6,3)),
$sth = $dbh->prepare($sql);

#disconnect from database


Can you please give me advices/guidelines on how to deal with character sets and explain me my perl problem (what works with MySQL Query Browser doesn't with Perl) ?

Thank you

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Character sets
October 13, 2010 08:10AM
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