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MySQL PHP Search Query Code
Posted by: Dayse Mejias
Date: September 29, 2011 12:43AM

I'm not a programmer, I'm the site owner. I need to change MySQL query results to show results for the keywords as they are separated by commas. For example, if a user searches for: haunted house, I need the results to show all haunted house movies and not all movies that have the word "house" or "haunted" separately in the description or title. Right now I would get all movies that have the word "house" or "haunted" in the description or title.

This is the code that I found on my site that looks like the query:

<?php include("functions/globals.php"); ?>
<?php include("header.php"); ?>
<?php session_start(); ?>
<?php ob_start();//Required for the redirect to work?>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="java/ratings.js"></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="java/jquery.js"></SCRIPT>

<div class="container">
<div class="contentcontainer">

<?php //include("sidebar.php"); ?>

$words = $_POST['search'];
$words = mysql_real_escape_string($words);

$ids = GetIDsFromWords($words);//Get all of the Keyword ID's
$num = mysql_numrows($ids);
if($num > 0)
$num = mysql_numrows($ids);
$query = "SELECT movieid FROM moviewords WHERE wordid=";
for($x = 0; $x < $num; $x++)
if($x+1 == $num)
$query .= mysql_result($ids, $x, "id");
$query .= mysql_result($ids, $x, "id") . " OR wordid=";
$result = QuickQuery($query);
$num = mysql_numrows($result);

$movieids = array();
for($x = 0; $x < $num; $x++)
$movieids[$x] = mysql_result($result, $x, "movieid");

// $movieids = array_unique($movieids); <--An evil function that kills this.. perhaps in the future get it going properly

echo "Movie IDs returned size: " . sizeof($movieids) . "<br />";
for($x = 0; $x < sizeof($movieids); $x++)
echo($movieids[$x]) . "<br />";
$query = "SELECT * FROM movies WHERE MATCH(description, title) AGAINST('{$words}') OR id=";
for($x = 0; $x < sizeof($movieids); $x++)
if($x+1 == sizeof($movieids))
$query .= $movieids[$x];
$query .= $movieids[$x] . " OR id=";
$result = QuickQuery($query);
$result = QuickQuery("SELECT * FROM movies WHERE MATCH(description, title) AGAINST('{$words}')");
$results = DisplayResults($result);


<?php include("footer.php"); ?>

Can anyone tell me what I have to change? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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MySQL PHP Search Query Code
September 29, 2011 12:43AM
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