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Add code edit delete in php
Posted by: Wade Simpson
Date: July 09, 2017 05:17AM

To add data you use the INSERT INTO statement, the code sample is as follows:
<? Php

Require 'database.php';
$ Ho_ten = 'Nguyen Duc Anh';
$ Tuoi = '26';
$ Gioi_tinh = 'Nam';
$ Query = "INSERT INTO guests
                               (Hoten, tuoi, gioitinh)
                               ('$ Ho_ten', '$ tuoi', '$ gioi_tinh') ";
$ Result = $ db-> exec ($ query);

Explanation: In the code above I have inserted the table named guest value is $ ho_ten in the hoten column, $ age in the age column, $ gioi_tinh into the gender column.

When adding data there are always two big questions:

Add data to where
Add something with value like?
The answer is full in the $ query variable:
Add data to the guest table with columns that are hot, fresh and juicy
The corresponding values ​​are $ ho_ten, $ tuoi and $ gioi_tinh.
Specific values ​​are $ ho_ten corresponding Nguyen Duc Anh, $ tuoi is 26, $ gioi_tinh is South.
Finally $ result = $ db-> exec ($ query) will proceed to write the data to the table. There is a small question, where is the $ db? What is the meaning of it?
$ Db represents the database, before calling the $ db variable you have to connect to the database, it is located directly to the first line:
Require 'database.php';
What is the content of the database.php file, please read the article: Connect MySQL database with PHP to run trial at Localhost.

Content database.php file is very important, any behavior that affects the database must use it.

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Add code edit delete in php
July 09, 2017 05:17AM

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