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Access queries with custom functions conversion to MySQL query
Posted by: Marco Canavese
Date: October 17, 2011 12:56AM

I'm a new member here asking for some help.
I'm working on a MS Access database conversion to MySQL.
Using the "old" but still very useful MySQL Migration toolkit I did get a fully working conversion of my tables (both data and structure).
I'm now approaching the queries conversion and, apart from syntax peculiarities I hope to solve, I will have to face one major task. Some of my queries call some user defined functions (VBA functions).

How do I manage these kind of stuff?

Here's the VBA code of such routines, if helps:

First type of user defined function I use is: (see for details)

Public Function Concatena(ByVal CodAtt As String) As String

Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim strQuery As String
Dim strOutput As String

' Open a recordset with SSA list related to given Cod Att
strQuery = "SELECT [Tbl_Scoop_UO_Attivita_SSA].[Denominazione_SSA_Nome_Applicativo] FROM Tbl_Scoop_UO_Attivita_SSA WHERE [Tbl_Scoop_UO_Attivita_SSA].[Codice_Attivita_BC] = " & "'" & CodAtt & "'"
Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(strQuery, dbOpenForwardOnly, dbReadOnly)

' Recordset loop
With rs
Do Until .EOF
' Names concat
strOutput = strOutput & .Fields("Denominazione_SSA_Nome_Applicativo").value & "; "

' Move to next line

' recordset close
End With

' Delete recordset
Set rs = Nothing

Concatena = strOutput

End Function

Second type of user defined function I use is:

Public Function AlgoritmoStringa(ByVal Stringa As Variant) As String

Dim k As Integer
Dim appo As String

appo = ""

If IsNull(Stringa) Or Stringa = "" Then
appo = "000"
For k = 1 To Len(Stringa)
If k = 1 Or k = 5 Or k = 10 Or k = 20 Or k = 30 Or k = 40 Or k = 60 Or k = 80 Or _
k = 100 Or k = 150 Or k = 200 Or k = Len(Stringa) Then
If Mid(Stringa, k, 1) = " " Or Mid(Stringa, k, 1) = """" Or Mid(Stringa, k, 1) = "'" Then
appo = appo & "-"
appo = appo & Mid(Stringa, k, 1)
End If
End If
appo = appo & Format(Len(Stringa), "000")
End If

AlgoritmoStringa = appo

End Function

I then call these functions within my queries with something like Concatena("parameter name"), etc...

Any help would be really appreciated for a completely MySQL newbie.

Thanks a lot.


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Access queries with custom functions conversion to MySQL query
October 17, 2011 12:56AM

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