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Re: Error Code: 1271. Illegal mix of collations for operation 'concat'
Posted by: Oumar TOURE
Date: April 22, 2017 01:14AM

Merci celui ci marche très bien.

select CONCAT(prefixe,annee,mois,jours,LPAD(IF(t.lastDate <> t.dateCourante,0,t.numero + 1),4,'0')) as nouveau_code
from (SELECT
convert(MID(code, 1, 1),char) AS prefixe,
convert(MID(code, 2, 4),char) AS lastAnnee,
convert(MID(code, 6, 2),char) AS lastMois,
convert(MID(code, 8, 2),char) AS lastJours,
convert(mid(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 1, 4),char) AS annee,
convert(MID(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 6, 2),char) AS mois,
convert(MID(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 9, 2),char) AS jours,
convert(MID(code, 10, 4),char) AS numero,
convert(CONCAT(MID(code, 2, 4),'-',MID(code, 6, 2),'-',MID(code, 8, 2)),char) as lastDate,
CURRENT_DATE as dateCourante
FROM demandeur
) as t

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