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Trouble aggregating data in memory table within stored proc
Posted by: Jonathan Overholt
Date: May 10, 2010 01:40PM

I have two stored routines, one which aggregates data points to timeslots within a day, and another that calls the first in a loop (not many iterations) to provide a daily summary. Each creates and populates the data to be returned in a TEMPORARY ENGINE=MEMORY table.

The first routine works great on its own, but when it's CALLed from within the second, I'm not getting the desired result. I can SELECT data from it, I can even SELECT COUNT(*), but if I SELECT SUM(...) it yields NULL.

First temporary table is defined thus:
CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE ttLabAvailabilityTimeslots (
`TimeslotStart` DATETIME NOT NULL,

It returns with 10-50 rows. The second procedure's inner loop starts like this:

CALL spGetLabAvailabilityTimeslots (LabID, CurDate);
SELECT SUM(TotalSlots) FROM ttLabAvailabilityTimeslots;

The code works at the command line, but within the stored procedure it's returning NULL. Is this a known limitation in the 5.0 series? If so, is it fixed in 5.1? My distro doesn't support 5.1 in its current version, but I can rebuild the server to support this if I need to.

Edit: A little more prodding shows that it's not even the aggregation function that's throwing it off. SELECT * shows all of the data, but SELECT TotalSlots shows NULL for each row. It's the only column exhibiting this behavior. I can provide a full database creation script including these routines to anyone in a position to help, it's just a bit long to include inline here.

Thanks in advance.
--Jonathan Overholt

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Trouble aggregating data in memory table within stored proc
May 10, 2010 01:40PM

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