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Row size / column size on MEMORY engine
Posted by: harry sheng
Date: April 10, 2014 08:36AM


I am trying to create a my MEMORY table to cache frequently used data retrieved from a separate system via webservice. The following is the SQL statement:

CREATE TABLE VplsL2AccessInterface (
objectFullName char(128) not null,
displayedName char(80),
description char(80),
actualMtu long,
administrativeState char(16),
egressFilterId long,
egressFilterName char(80),
egressFilterPointer char(128),
egressIpFilterId long,
egressMacFilterId long,
egressPolicyId long,
egressPolicyName char(80),
egressPolicyObjectPointer char(128),
encapType char(10),
ingressFilterId long,
ingressFilterName char(80),
ingressFilterPointer char(128),
ingressIpFilterId long,
ingressMacFilterId long,
ingressPolicyId long,
ingressPolicyName char(80),
innerEncapValue int,
nodeId char(16),
nodeName char(80),
operationalState char(16),
ossMetaData char(80),
outerEncapValue int,
portId long,
portIdentifyingName char(80),
portName char(80),
provisionedMtu long,
serviceId long,
serviceName char(80),
shcvSourceIpAddress char(16),
shgName char(80),
shgSitePointer char(128),
subscriberId long,
subscriberName char(80),
svcComponentId long,
terminatedObjectName char(80),
terminatedObjectPointer char(128)

The char column type should be varchar, because the row in MEMORY table has to be fixed size.

This statement gives me the following error:
Error Code: 1163. The used table type doesn't support BLOB/TEXT columns

Apparently there's no BLOB or TEXT column in the table definition. Not sure if it's because of the row size, column size or number of columns in the table. But what are these limitations?


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Row size / column size on MEMORY engine
April 10, 2014 08:36AM

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