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[ANN] Shared-disk clustering storage engine beta...need testers
Posted by: MIke Hogan
Date: June 26, 2009 04:01PM

Hi, We are launching the beta test of our shared-disk clustering engine. Like Oracle RAC and IBM mainframe DB2, we enable multiple nodes to operate against a single physical database. This delivers scalability, high-availability and you don't have to partition your data!


The ScaleDB storage engine is produced by ScaleDB Inc. The ScaleDB storage engine is designed for transactional applications that handle large data volume, requiring high-availability, and scalability. ScaleDB is based on a shared-disk clustering architecture that enables multiple nodes in a cluster to operate over a single physical database. ScaleDB is ideal for large web applications since multiple MySQL servers can share the same physical data without the need to partition the data. ScaleDB is also an excellent fit for cloud computing, because servers can be added and removed dynamically according to changing needs. Another differentiating factor for ScaleDB is the Multi-Table Index, which provides the functionality of materialized views without the cost of maintaining the views. ScaleDB is proprietary, and the company is in beta test mode currently.

Target Applications
• Web / Web 2.0 transactional applications
• Large Web applications
• RDF Schema applications
• eCommerce transactional systems
• Financial systems
• Health care applications
• Retail systems

ACID-transaction compliance
Shared-disk architecture eliminates the need to partition data
Dynamic scalability enables adding/removing nodes on the fly, ideal for cloud computing
Support for crush recovery of any node in the cluster
Master-only cluster eliminates slave replication and promotion
Row-level locking
Support for foreign keys
Support for referential integrity
Multi-Table Index (provides the functionality of materialized views)
Highly compressed Indexes
Supports read committed

No full-text or GIS index support
No MVCC (planned for future release)

Further Reading
ScaleDB Website:
ScaleDB Overview:
Comparing Shared-Disk and Shared Nothing:
ScaleDB amd Cloud Computing:
Multi-Table Index Overview:
Multi-Table Index White Paper:

please contact mike [at]

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[ANN] Shared-disk clustering storage engine beta...need testers
June 26, 2009 04:01PM

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