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Cursor fetching NULL values into variables
Posted by: Clement Francis
Date: December 22, 2012 12:43AM


I am working on a solution in which I have to read data from a table parse it and load them into the target table. I though of starting with a sample code that will read data from the source table using cursor and display them. However, My cursor is fetching NULL values into the variables.
The source table has data. I tested the SELECT statement used in the cursor declaration seperately and it is working as expected.

Below is the steps I followed. Am I missing something? Is there something wrong with the code?

thanks in advance.

-- Creating the schema
CREATE SCHEMA `test_cursor` ;

-- Creating the table
CREATE TABLE `product` (
`product_id` int(5) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`product_code` varchar(5) DEFAULT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`product_id`)

-- Inserting test data into the table
INSERT INTO `test_cursor`.`product` (`product_code`) VALUES ('prodA');
INSERT INTO `test_cursor`.`product` (`product_code`) VALUES ('prodB');
INSERT INTO `test_cursor`.`product` (`product_code`) VALUES ('prodC');
INSERT INTO `test_cursor`.`product` (`product_code`) VALUES ('prodD');
INSERT INTO `test_cursor`.`product` (`product_code`) VALUES ('prodE');

-- Procedure
The procedure fetches data from the source product table and displays the same.
DECLARE v_done INT DEFAULT FALSE; -- Variable used in the continue handler.
-- variables used to store the values fetched by the cursor itr_product from product table.
DECLARE a int(5);
DECLARE b varchar(5);

-- Declaration of cursor for iterating through the unprocessed records in the source table.
DECLARE itr_product CURSOR FOR SELECT product_id, product_code FROM test_cursor.product;

DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER FOR NOT FOUND SET v_done=TRUE; -- Declaring continue handler for the cursor stg_product_data

OPEN itr_product; -- Open the cursor
read_loop: LOOP -- Loop through the records
FETCH itr_product INTO a, b; -- Fetching data into variables
IF v_done THEN -- Checking if the cursor has fetched the last record
LEAVE read_loop; -- Exit if last record had been fetched
SELECT @a, @b ; -- Displaying the values fetched by the cursor
CLOSE itr_product; -- Close the cursor

-- Calling the procedure
call `test_cursor`.`P_READ_PRODUCT`();

-- Result set/Output
@a @b
null null

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Cursor fetching NULL values into variables
December 22, 2012 12:43AM

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