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Re: No Dynamic SQL in Function or Trigger Frustration
Posted by: Mike Jonsson
Date: March 17, 2014 12:29AM

Peter Brawley Wrote:
> > that would take 345 million years
> Hyperbole like that only serves to undermine the
> rest of your post.

You call this hyperbole and I simply wish to stress this is the rudimentary fact of fundamental mathematics I deal with in this case.

3 hours for processing some 225 000 sets of optional results.

In any given year is this 365,25*24/3 * 225000 results processed

Hence 657,450,000 per year.

While testing and processing ALL results, 70!/50!/20! options for any given 70th degree equation with pre-restricted results would thereby render;

1.1979E+100 / 3.04141E+64 / 2.4329E+18 = 1.61885E+17 options to validate

1.61885E+17 / 657.45E+6 = 246231049.8 Years processing time to completion.

Now add that PHP is slower than MySQL internal routines by a factor of N
assuming N to be 25% in this case

246231049.8 * 1,25 = 307 788 812.20 Years

You call this Hyperbole...? Naaah.

> > The reason for using MySQL straight all along is
> that the results must, if established to be few
> enough to store in database on HDD (without
> reaching Petabyte limits) the results must be
> retained immediately.
> There are many ways to "immediately" store large
> tranches of data; relational databases are amongst
> the slowest.

If you say so, but it's also one of the most efficient to do other work with the results on the fly.

> > Validation of constraint ranges from 20 to 70
> nested if's, whiles or for's
> A set-based language is the wrong tool for that.

Ok, I got that point too.

> > Expand on what R stands for please!?

Thank you.

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Re: No Dynamic SQL in Function or Trigger Frustration
March 17, 2014 12:29AM

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