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Re: Display all the records from table using cursor
Posted by: kaji Pasa
Date: September 25, 2017 12:49PM

Here is the requirement.
I have two tables base_table b and master table m with columns

Here is no any primary key.
role of CC: if base.title_sci = base.title or b.issn1=b.issn2 or b.issn=b.eissn then this is match and CC=0 else cc=1 .
for the rows if cc is not zero then i have to see those records in a master table.
The data in the master table is a repository to make the mapping (match) of such incorrect records we know that will happen,and consider those to be in master table if i have dog=cat and 0 for tiitle_sci and title columns and if i find in base table title_sci = "dog" and title= "cat" I have to update CC to 0 from 1 in base table .But if dog=cat and cc=1 in master then we don't have to deal with that in base. Just escape it.

Or if the record in master has cc=0 we have to find the corresponding row in base table and make it 0.

The master table also has same table structure as base table. I am trying to update cc to 0 from 1 if for each row from base and master table, if
and b.issn1=m.issn1
and b.issn2=m.issn2
and b.title=m.title
and b.issn=m.issn
and b.eissn=m.eissn and

For some records we have distinct record only because we have different database value, all other columns have duplicate record
for eg
base table record is as follows

StandardTitle Title_sci, | ISSN1 | ISSN2 |CC| Title, ISSN | eISSN | Databas
ALZHEIMERSANDDEMENTIA, | Alzheimers and Dementia|1552-5260 | 1552-5279 |1 | Alzheimers & Dementia | NULL| 2352-8729 | PubMed Central
ALZHEIMERSANDDEMENTIA, | Alzheimers and Dementia |1552-5260 | 1552-5279 |1 | Alzheimers & Dementia | NULL| 2352-8729 | ScienceDirect Open Access Titles

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Re: Display all the records from table using cursor
September 25, 2017 12:49PM

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