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Count Table rows using Stored Procedure
Posted by: Alvaro Ullrich
Date: February 08, 2018 11:01AM

Help needed here. I'm trying to get mySQL do the following:

1- Read a list of tables (e.g. 10)
2- Count the no. of rows in each
3- Print the result (after each count, or as a whole at the end).

Best I've got is this SP:

CREATE DEFINER=``@`192.168.%` PROCEDURE `test`(name_table varchar(50))

SET @sqlText = CONCAT('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ', name_table,' ;') ;

PREPARE stmt FROM @sqlText;


If you provide the table name, it gets the job done. OK for one table, but not for 200. My problems are 2:

1) How do you copy the result of executing @sqlText *to a variable*, and then print it?

2) How do you iterate a table (or any other repository) so that you can put *all tables* into one place? I want to store the whole result so that it can be easily compared.
I've heard of cursors, still unsure how to use them in mySQL.

Thanks in advance,

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Count Table rows using Stored Procedure
February 08, 2018 11:01AM

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