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Posted by: Jonathon Wisnoski
Date: March 28, 2013 04:09PM

I have a feeling that this is the wrong section, but it seemed to be the only one general enough (and I am quite the newbie).

I was wondering if there has ever been a discussion about adding a value similar to Perl's "0 but true", specifically "NULL but TRUE". A value that would evaluate to true in a MySQL conditional statement, but act like NULL otherwise.

For example: `UPDATE table SET col=? WHERE id=? AND col<>?`
This seems like a perfect way to update a row, only if that update would accomplish something (probably the most optimal way to update a row and figure out if you actually changed anything by checking how many rows where affected).

But if "col" is NULL then col<>? returns NULL and that apparently gets cast to FALSE.

The solution is rather long winded and hackish, IMHO: `UPDATE table SET row=? WHERE id=? AND (col IS NULL OR col<>?)`, which only gets worse and worse the more rows you are checking.

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