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MySQL Proxy: Blogs, Presentations
Posted by: Edwin DeSouza
Date: June 27, 2007 11:17AM

MySQL Proxy
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MySQL Proxy: public repo moved to launchpad

MySQL Proxy: Rethinking the scripting API of the proxy plugin

MySQL Proxy: from 0.6.1 to 0.7.0

Use Cases:

Proxy Scripts:


Getting started with MySQL Proxy:

MySQL Proxy: Read/Write Splitting

MySQL Proxy: Improved read-only load balancing

MySQL Proxy: Keep Alive option


MySQL Proxy: How to access internal information in a Lua script

MySQL Proxy: Profiling, Benchmarks

MySQL Proxy: Binlog Storage Engine:

MySQL Proxy: playing with binlogs

MySQL Proxy: .address is now .dst|

MySQL Proxy: a shell with auto-EXPLAIN

MySQL Proxy and

Musings about MySQL Proxy

Writing your first Macros for MySQL Proxy:

Boost your SQL with MySQL Proxy loops:

Chaining Proxies

MySQL Proxy How-To:

Funnel - a multiplexer plugin for mysql-proxy

Database Sharding at Netlog, with MySQL and PHP

HSCALE: Partitioning Using MySQL Proxy: Application-based Sharding

HSCALE: Dictionary Based Partition Lookup

HSCALE Benchmarks:

HSCALE - Handling 200 Million Transactions Per Month Using Transparent Partitioning With MySQL Proxy


MySQL Proxy and Global Variables:

MySQL Proxy: Proxy Trace - Tracing the Variables and Functions Available within MySQL Proxy

MySQL Proxy: Query Stats and SQL Tokenizer

MySQL Proxy: Tracking Parallel Queries

MySQL Proxy: Adaptive Slow Query Log

MySQL Proxy: tape^H^H^Hest recorder

MySQL Proxy: Das Modul

MySQL Proxy: a chassis and a MySQL-server

MySQL Proxy: rollbacked transactions

MySQL Proxy: Setting up as a Service on Windows

MySQL Proxy: COMMIT obfuscator

MySQL Proxy: Simple MySQL Auditing

MySQL Proxy: Capturing Queries that cause an Error

MySQL Proxy: Writing output to a log file

MySQL Proxy: how to send a query to an email

MySQL-Proxy: Learning to block SQL-Injection

MySQL Proxy: Roles, Authentication, LDAP

Combining MySQL Proxy with MySQL Cluster

MySQL Failover Strategy using State Management, introducing MPP - Part 3

MySQL Proxy and Amazon EC2: No fixed IP addresses

MySQL Proxy on Amazon EC2

MySQL Proxy: Replication into Memcached

mysql-proxy-cache (memcached)


How to create your own IP to Location translation

Most Commonly Sought-After Command in MySQL Proxy

MockLoad: Simulating Load with MySQL Proxy

SpockProxy: A Sharding-only Version of MySQL Proxy

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MySQL Proxy: Blogs, Presentations
June 27, 2007 11:17AM

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