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mysql-proxy 0.5.1 gets ready, next steps
Posted by: Jan Kneschke
Date: June 30, 2007 04:23PM

0.5.1 has been tagged and we can now getting ready to ship it to the servers.

It fixes the issues reported here on the forum and adds a first set of lua-scripts as examples.

With 0.6.0 I plan to add connection pooling to the proxy which will open a whole new set of possible features. What else would you like to see in the proxy ?


0.5.1 - 2007-06-30

* added script examples for rewriting and injection
* added support for UNIX sockets
* added protection against duplicate resultsets from a script
* added missing dependency to libmysqlclient-dev to the INSTALL file
* added support for pre-4.1 passwords in a 4.1 connection
* added inj.query_time and inj.response_time into the lua scripts
* added resultset.affected_rows and resultset.insert_id
* added proxy.VERSION

* changed --proxy.profiling to --proxy-skip-profiling

* fixed assertion when read_query_result() is not provided
when PROXY_SEND_QUERY is used
* fixed warning if connect_server() is not provided
* fixed handling of duplicate ERR on COM_CHANGE_USER in MySQL 5.1.18+
* fixed compile error with MySQL 4.1.x on missing COM_STMT_*
* fixed mysql check in configure to die when mysql.h isn't detected
* fixed crash on fields > 250 bytes when the resultset is inspected
* fixed assertion when a error occurs at initial script exec time

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